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Estabilishing and developing projects through integrated economic studies with international standards to make it safer and more profitable

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RSI Consulting Company invest in many products for export or import by following all international standards for each products in order to provide products with the highest quality and standard prices. In this field, the company has gained the trust of many customers and business partners in several countries around the world.

The company also establishes and manages industrial, commercial and tourism investment projects. The company also develoops and restarts existing investment projects through complete strategic studies for all aspects of projects. The company also develops and restarts existing investment projects through complete strategic studies for all aspects of projects, applying and activating those studies that enable projects to obtain international quality certificates such as ISO

Trusted by customers from various countries

The company has been able to win the trust of many customers all Arab countries, Africa, and Asia

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Raudhah Group to be a leader in providing advisory and development solutions in the establishment and developtment of investments in International Standards



Reativity & Innovation





Our Objective Us?

We invest our capabilities and expertise to establish a long-term relationship with our partners and beneficiaries of our services and to reach exclusivity in services and products, whether in the local market or the global market

Global Expansion

We looking forward all our services and exporting from indonesia to all countries of the world, especially the Arab countries, with professionalism and accuracy

Elevating Indonesian Projects

Providing a system of integrated advisory services for strategic studies of projects that attract foreign investors to projects with Indonesian hands

Fostering Prosperity

Providing successful and distinguished investment opportunities for Ar-Raudhah Group team with our business partners, whether Indonesian Companies or foreign companies, and the advancement of the economy of the state of Indonesia

Global Market Breakthrough

Proposing Exclusive innovative products and marketing them globally based on current global requirements and futuristic

Worldwide Clients : Collaboration to Companies Across the Globe

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